Mary Aidonas

LREA /Office Manager, Sales & Business System Manager

Mary has been with LJ Hooker for 15 years and is an invaluable, respected and loyal member of our team.

With a strong and established history in Customer Service, Administration and Sales Support, Mary has brought a wealth of knowledge with her to the role of Office Manager / Sales Business System Manager plus controlling the Sales Trust accounting and General Accounts.

Mary takes pride in her work with her attention to detail, time management skills and her ability to communicate effectively with staff and clients. She works closely with the Principals and Sales Agents managing the Marketing of the Agency, Marketing of properties ensuring high quality campaigns are organised to achieve the desired results for all clients.

She also attends all Auctions taking care of all the administrative side of things freeing up the agents to tend to customers and clients and is always available to assist them at a moment’s notice.

What our customers say

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Dear Mary K, Mary A & Anna, I am very pleased with the help and service you all have provided. I am renting for the first time whilst my property is being sold and was not sure what to expect but you all made me feel at ease and comfortable from the time I viewed the apartment right through to signing of the lease and beyond. Thank you very much.

Mrs Ann Perrin

Attn: Mary Karabellas and Mary Aidonas Re: 12 Cheltenham St, Rozelle Hi Mary A & Mary K, Thanks for your email and hope all is well with you. Mary A, thank you for your offer to continue to liaise with our new neighbour with regard to the home insurance between our properties. It may be easier for us to deal with them directly hopefully but I'll let you know and grateful for the offer. Mary K, thank you and your staff so much for all the great service since I had you lease my property many years ago. If we need to re let or sell you'll be the only agent involved. Really appreciate everything Mary, take care. Kindest regards. Sheree

Sheree Allende

Thank you Chris and Mary for your excellent service during the sale of our property at Isabella Street. The auction result was fantastic and we were very happy with the price. We have brought, sold and leased our properties with LJ Hooker Balmain for many years and will continue coming back due to your professionalism and outstanding service. We highly recommend your office to anyone seeking to sell or lease their property.

M & L Scott

Dear Chris & Mary, Thank you for an excellent result in marketing and selling my property. I would like to thank you for your professional manner and outstanding service.

Michael Simmons

Hi Mary, Thanks so much for the happy snaps in front of the signboard! We laughed out loud and we were grateful we weren’t there to blur the shot (we were too busy ‘high-fiveng’ mid-air in sunny Perth…..) We’re really grateful for your efforts to keep us on board throughout the whole process despite the miles between us, and appreciated the team effort from you all from start to finish. Thanks again Mary for all your invaluable 'behind the scenes' efforts throughout and holding the phone at the auction – James was as charming and brilliant as we expected! Please pass our sincere thanks on to Chris too for his spruiking at the opens; his Superman-esque costume changes in torrential rains well and truly exceeded our expectations! Probably just as well we weren’t there – two grown punters whoo-hooing and air-punching in the background would have been off-putting for all and sundry. Will be in touch! Hoping you can help us again in the future.

Allyson Browne

Brilliant, Mary. That’s a great result. Thanks very much to you, Chris, and your team at LJ Hooker Balmain. It took a little while longer but we got what we wanted for our apartment at Wrights Road, Drummoyne and are very happy!

George & Richard Shaw