Our Auctioneer: James Hurley

James Hurley has been a dedicated auctioneer since 2008 and has cemented himself as one
of Real Estate industries most recognisable and reputable Auctioneers. 

Having worked in Sydney’s competitive Auction market for several years, James works tirelessly
to ensure that the best possible price is achieved for every single seller. His approachable
demeanor and relentless pursuit of every bid has made him a valuable member of our team when
it comes to the crucial point of managing the auction process. 

James has a unique disposition that has been recognised by Agents, Vendors and Buyers.
Mixed with high energy and vast experience, James is without doubt one of the most sought
after Auction professionals in the Sydney market place.
“Each time that I conduct an Auction I am conscious of that fact that my Agents will have potential
clients in the audience and I want to be of assistance in helping with them to secure future business.”